Specialists Working on Your Behalf for What is Fair

Our motor accident injury claims team are specialists in every sense of the word. Each person has been handpicked for their ability to deliver on the correct rehabilitation and compensation that you are due. These skills have successfully resolved claims for countless motorists. This depth of knowledge is just one of the reasons why drivers across the UK can trust FMG Legal to handle their claims.

Your Health Always Comes First

Because people are the primary focus of everything we do, your health is our priority. We arrange for all our clients to be immediately assessed and wherever possible, provide physiotherapy or other treatment to help you get back to full health.

This guarantees a clear diagnosis and ensures that injuries – which may later cause ongoing health problems – are not overlooked in the compensation settlement. We also recover the cost of any treatment from the third party responsible for your claim.

A Simpler, Smoother Approach to Claims

Drawing on our legal expertise we understand how to keep red tape to a minimum and how to make the claims process run smoothly from start to finish. Naturally, each claim is unique – and our bespoke approach helps get you the right advice from the beginning.

With the appropriate treatment in place, disruption to you, your family and your working life is minimised. We’ll also help you plan ahead, and in the event of a serious injury, assist with your ongoing rehabilitation and long-term care.