I was injured in an accident that wasn’t my fault. Can I make a claim?

Yes. Personal Injury claims are for when a person has made a mistake that caused you to be injured. Those mistakes are usually covered by that person’s insurance policy. (Home or Car.) Your compensation is then paid by that person’s insurance company.


There are five key aspects which set the FMG solution apart from the usual offering:

  • Consistency of service – the claims service is the same for each and every single client. FMG delivers a truly managed service with KPIs and a strong SLA.
  • Transparency – clients can access detailed real-time information about any aspect of their claim via the portal.
  • Significantly reduced claim life cycle – due to high value Delegated Authorities being in place with a number of insurers, claims need not touch the insurer. FMG’s in-house engineering capability means that a claim can be notified at 9am in the morning and repairs authorised the same day.
  • Improved control of overall claim cost – FMG don’t just control the Accident Damage cost, instead they focus upon the overall claim cost including Third Party Capture and proactive management of insurers.
  • Risk Management – in addition to the Claims Management service, FMG deliver a fully bespoke and in-house delivered Fleet Risk Management offering, Ingenium Dynamics.

These are the things that make FMG’s provision stand out for LARK.

Richard Graham, Divisional Director, Corporate Claims Division, LARK (Group) Ltd

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from our clients on the great service they’ve received at a potentially stressful time. This is great news for us, and reinforces that FMG are a trusted partner whom we can rely on to deliver our customer promise and ensure that we meet our clients’ specific service expectations.

Debbie MacMorran, Managing Director, Equine Rescue Service

…it has been a huge relief to have the confidence and reassurances of the excellent processes you have in place. The benefit of being able to discuss individual cases with you, knowing that action will be taken, cannot be underestimated.

Inspector Tim Ward, Vehicle Recovery Manager, Cumbria Constabulary

The contract with FMG has allowed Police Scotland to offer a consistent Scheme across Scotland. The regular reviews that FMG carry out will ensure the best possible Scheme is provided to the public. We are very pleased with the first few months of the service and look forward to seeing it develop throughout the period of the contract.

Superintendent Jim Leslie, Police Scotland