A Support Guide to Making a Claim

We know that making a personal injury claim can seem daunting. Our expert personal injury lawyers are trained to help you understand the process of making a claim and will explain what is happening in simple terms.

Each claim is different and the claims process may vary depending on the nature of your accident and injuries. It can seem unnerving, but that’s why we have a team of experts working on your behalf to seek out what is genuinely deserved. Below is a brief guide to the process and the steps we take to ensure it runs like clockwork.

First Steps

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Your Initial Assessment

At FMG Legal, your wellbeing and recovery are always a priority. So as soon as possible, we will arrange for you to see a specialist doctor, who will assess your injuries and provide a clear diagnosis and prognosis. The most common types of injuries resulting from vehicle accidents are soft tissue or whiplash injuries involving the neck and back. Most of these injuries heal fully over time. However, some injuries can later develop into more serious conditions, such as chronic pain syndrome. An early assessment allows us to identify these conditions and seek appropriate compensation.

Arranging Treatment

If you require treatment following your assessment and prior to your claim being settled, we will do everything we can to help you get physiotherapy or any other treatments you may need to speed up your recovery. We will also recoup the cost of any treatment from the Third Party responsible for your claim, so there is no cost to you.

Calculating Your Claim

Following an accident, you can claim compensation for any injuries that you have sustained, plus any financial losses that you have suffered, or may suffer as a result.

To help us to negotiate a suitable settlement, we will ask you to keep a list of all of your out of pocket expenses and receipts or other proof of loss for:

  • Cost of repairs to your vehicle
  • Replacement car hire costs
  • Your insurance excess
  • Travel expenses
  • Prescription costs
  • Loss of earnings if you have time off work

We will then use these to reclaim your losses from the other party.

If you have been seriously injured and your injuries have an ongoing impact on your ability to work or your lifestyle, you may be entitled to claim for future losses such as loss of earnings and the cost of care and assistance.

Settling Your Claim

We understand it can be a difficult time, but with our expert knowledge and experience we endeavour to make the process as quick and simple as possible. We aim to take away the stress and worry to get you the rehabilitation and compensation you deserve in the fastest and most effective way possible.